Artistic path


My path is informed by walking and taking time to appreciate all that I can learn from what is around me. I have always been interested in exploring new frontiers and remaining open. My curiosity has led me to different mediums of communication to reflect what I see as I explore my neighborhood and the world. 

Public works


I love to work in the public realm. Through mural art projects I am able to work with the grid we live in and the people that make it so. The potential of transforming a plain painted wall into a window to the imaginary is inspiring. Site specific work is a fun challenge and it engages the community. In painting murals I have seen how public art can transgress social barriers and unite people together in wonder. Even when painting a wall for a private commission, the concept of ownership doesn’t really apply to outdoor work as people interact with it freely.

The balance of trash and treasure


Living in a world of abundance, I enjoy reclaiming supplies that I find in the “trash”. The idea of transforming waste destined for the landfill into useable materials and art is exciting and meaningful. Playing with different techniques and materials, designing unique installations, and building my own canvas supports has allowed me to develop new approaches and benefit from the natural history of re-purposed wood (“Neighbourwood”).

Arpi is a self-taught artist from Montreal and citizen of the world. When not painting he can be found gaining inspiration from tended gardens, home cooking, doors held open, seats offered, hugs, animals, and especially walks around the neighborhood.